Event Planning Checklist: Key to Success

Event planning is something that can be quite daunting and scary to those who have never done it before. Indeed, it’s quite scary if you’re just now planning a big event if you’ve never done anything of that scale in the past. But before you start going off to hire someone to do your convention set-up in Utah, first, you have to make a bit of a gameplan so that you can make sure everything goes smoothly. So what do you need to do?

Remember that before you even start planning, you must first make sure you have ample time to take care of all the logistics. Plan a year, even more in advance if possible – depending on the scale of the event.

Establish Your Objectives and Goals

As you start planning your event, one thing that you can do to improve on your chances of success is to make a list of all your objectives and goals. What do you want to achieve during this event? How do you want the attendees to feel, and what do you want them to experience? Once you have listed these down, you can then start comparing all of your plans to see if they meet your goals. Otherwise, you can revise.

Moving Forward with an Event Date

Every event has to fall on a certain date. Many different factors may influence you to choose a specific date. And in most cases, you’ll also have to take into consideration the schedules of your VIPs and the people you are inviting to make a vital appearance. On top of that, you could also consider the season and the weather around your planned time.

Create Your Master Plan

Every single event starts with a master plan. From this plan, you can see what needs to be done and by when – and why. Your design is key to putting together a great event, so don’t neglect to make one!

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Develop an Identity and Market!

Any event, no matter how well planned, will be unsuccessful if nobody shows up. This isn’t so much a problem if it’s a private event with an already planned guest list for invitations. However, if you are putting together a convention or some other trade show where you want people to come of their own accord, marketing is incredibly necessary. Only then can you launch ticket sales.

Arrange for Your Sponsors and Speakers

In most cases, you will want to make sure you have completed these before your event is even set to start. Don’t wait until the last minute with a prayer to see if your chosen guests are available on your dates.

Coordinating with Your Suppliers

This must be done a reasonable time before your chosen date. Coordinate with equipment, catering, and any other suppliers you are working with. This ensures everything goes smoothly on the day.

Once you’ve made sure to plan everything properly, coordinate, and communicate well with the people you work with you. This will make it possible for you to have an event with no issues or hitches. And of course, don’t forget to manage the actual event as it happens!