Victory in Video: Why Your Company Needs to Invest in Video Content

If you’re just starting a business, getting the word out as fast as possible is one of your primary goals. The sooner you ship, the quicker you gain valuable insights as to how your market responds and the sooner you can adjust and improve your business.

Most businesses overlook the benefits of video marketing because they either don’t have the tools to produce or they can’t squeeze it into their pipeline. Finding the right partner to create excellent videos is easy with professional video production services. However, if your business needs the extra push to add video content marketing to your central vision, then here’s a breakdown of its rewards:

It’s informative.

Videos are a great way to introduce your brand or business to the whole world. Since people are more drawn to visual content, videos are an effective way to boost brand awareness and lead people to your landing page. You establish your presence better across all your digital platforms because video posts occupy larger spaces and reach your audience faster compared to text posts.

Videos also offer a better way to educate your audience about your product or service. Instead of pitching randomly and endlessly to close a sale, product videos create value that audiences want in a clear and condensed way.

It’s engaging.

Marketing videos also pique people’s curiosity and interest. Let’s face it: no one wants to read a long text post that explains why they have to buy a product or sign up for your service. To wit, numbers reveal that 68% of consumers would rather watch than read about solutions to a particular problem.

What’s more, videos don’t just leverage a greater preference; they also boost social media engagement. Entertaining videos are easier to share than engaging text posts, and about 76% of consumers certainly agree.

guy watching video

It’s authentic.

Videos put a face to your team and dimensions to your product that no other content can provide. It eliminates the wall of anonymity, baring your brand in full view of everyone. With a video that offers value, it’s not just about making a profit or getting new customers but building relationships.

Video creators like the fact that 80% of people can recall video clips and advertisements that they see online. This is because appealing to your market’s emotion also makes you memorable. By producing impressive videos, customers get to build a stronger affiliation and interest with your brand.

It’s everywhere.

Marketing videos are also flexible enough to pervade platforms to reach your target market better. You can tap your market by posting video posts and stories on Instagram, start an influential vlog over at Facebook, or create webinars at Linkedin. The type of content you produce will depend on your brand identity and target market.

Videos also help you rank higher on the top two largest search engines in the world, namely Google and YouTube. Data from Google shows that supplementing your website with a video makes you fifty times more likely to be included on the first page of results.

It’s economical.

While video production does come at a cost, it’s still money well spent. 83% of businesses that resort to video marketing report a great return on their investment. Moreover, video production services are turning to more affordable video editing software. Thus, you can expect that more businesses are leveraging this low barrier entry to video marketing to improve their reach.

Videos genuinely are the future of marketing. The more marketers are compelled to create videos, the more consumers can expect to see creative, resourceful, and value-adding content wherever they can.