A List of Wedding Vendors You Absolutely Cannot Forgo

While skipping some or all wedding traditions have already become acceptable and even trendy, omitting the essential vendors have not, and it will always stay that way. No matter how simple, casual, and low-cost you want your wedding to be, vendors are still a necessity unless you’re fine with a half-baked wedding plan and ceremony that’s thought out with so little time.

It’s not every day that we get to be a bride or a groom, so better get the most out of it by saving up for reputable vendors! Long before getting hitched, let’s find out the most essential wedding vendors we should never go without:

1. Wedding Planner

Ruling out a wedding planner is part of Bride.com’s “50 Mistakes Brides Always Make.” Indeed, without a wedding planner, you’re setting yourself up for stress and anxiety, especially on the week before the big day. It’s usually the time where most unforeseen details surface, and without a wedding planner to your rescue, you’d be stuck making last-minute amendments and adjustments instead of relaxing, getting pampered, and connecting with your friends and family.

But if you really don’t want to hire a full-service wedding planner (like some brides do), you can just hire a week- or day-of wedding coordinator. They’ll be your aide in handling last-minute arrangements and meetings, so the week before your wedding will be a breeze.

2. Photographer and Videographer

Just because you have a cousin or a friend that owns a DSLR camera means they can act as your official wedding photographer and videographer, unless they’re professionals. Only experienced pros can immortalize your most special day in the most special way. Imagine reliving your wedding day through shaky video footage and blurred photos; it will be frustrating, doubtless. That said, set a budget for quality wedding photographer and videographer packages to have mementos that are worth showcasing.

3. Hair and Makeup Artist

If you’re not confident with your makeup and hair-styling skills, then hiring a professional is an absolute must. 80% of couples include a hair and makeup artist on their list of vendors, which proves that their service remains highly in-demand despite the rise of influencers teaching bride-to-be’s how to do their own makeup.

4. Caterer

If your wedding venue doesn’t offer a complimentary catering service, then you need to scout for one. Even if you’ll only have an intimate gathering, their services will still be worth it, because they save you from the burden of getting your mom or any other family member or relative to cook. In addition, caterers also present their food creatively, giving your guests a pleasing array of dishes and desserts to choose from.

5. Paper Invitations and Thank-You Notes

Forgetting the power of paper is also included in the “50 Mistakes Brides Always Make” list. Even if invitations and thank-you notes can already be digitalized, their impact is still and will always be greater in paper form. The good news is, they’re DIY-friendly, so if you’re particularly talented in designing stationery, you’re good even without a vendor of these.

Flowers6. Florist

If you’re not knowledgeable about flower prices, fragrances, and seasonal blooms, the flower arrangement on your wedding might be a disaster. You can’t be adamant on having your favorite flowers down the aisle if they’re not in season. In addition, using blossoms with a strong scent as centerpieces may overpower the food’s aroma. Only a florist knows how to choose flowers wisely and correctly, so trust in their services.

7. Rentals

A rental company provides tables, chairs, dinnerware, decor, and other aesthetic and functional essentials for your wedding party. Some caterers also provide these, but in case the one you chose didn’t, be prepared to look for one. Don’t forget a tent supplier if you’re having a wedding party outdoors.

These seven wedding vendors will supply you with everything you want and need for your special day, so not a single dollar will be put to waste. You’ll end your wedding with nothing but great memories.