Commercial Landscaping: A Surprising Trick to Attract More Customers

When someone mentions “curb appeal”, we automatically think of homes. We don’t usually associate it with businesses. But did you know that 70% of first-time sales are based on curb appeal? That’s right; you can make a sale just because your storefront looks attractive.

Of course, the pricing and quality of your products will always be more critical than the appearances you keep. But curb appeal matters more than you think. If home-sellers boost their property’s curb appeal to draw buyers, then a business owner should do the same for their establishment.

There are several ways to boost your commercial space’s curb appeal, but one of them stands out in particular: commercial landscaping.

Since landscaping is responsible for most of a home’s curb appeal, it’s also the key to drawing customers and sales. That said, here are the ways landscaping helps in marketing your business:

1. Commercial Landscapers Help You Plan an Attractive Frontage

Commercial landscapers don’t just manicure your lawn and plant lovely flowers. Instead, they plan each landscape design strategically. For example, if you run a wellness facility, they can build a rock garden or a Zen garden. Those types of outdoor spaces are often associated with spas and relaxation. As such, people who walk by your premises will immediately realize what you’re offering and get a sense of relaxation themselves.

An attractive frontage or storefront is your first and only chance to impress a first-time customer. If they see an unkempt curb, they’re going to assume that your establishment is unkempt, too. Thanks to commercial landscaping, you can maintain a well-kept frontage and boast good curb appeal.

2. Your Landscape Garden Can Reflect Your Ecological Values

Now that we’re more aware of environmental issues, we started seeking businesses with ecological values. If you want to show your customers that you care for the planet as well, then landscaping will help you do that. Even if you’re just a small establishment, your mini garden space can show your love for nature.

If you have a big establishment, like a hotel, commercial building, or condominium complex, you can take advantage of your sprawling grounds to promote ecological balance. Plant trees in your common areas and create sanctuaries for animals, like a birdbath or ponds for deer. Hire professional tree services periodically to ensure that your trees are healthy and safe from squirrels and birds.

However, note that landscaping can only do so much in promoting ecological balance. At the end of the day, it’s your business operations that should reflect your ecological values. If you pollute the earth with your waste, then your beautiful landscape hasn’t truly done its job. You’ve just greenwashed, a practice that conveys a false impression about a business’s sustainability. Simply put, it’s deceiving consumers that your business is environmentally friendly when it barely is.

man working in nature

3. Beautiful Outdoor Spaces Help Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

Because landscaped gardens offer a relaxing space, they allow your employees to unwind from time to time. With such a space to clear their minds, they can increase their productivity, helping your business achieve its daily goals. When your employees are that motivated, they’ll undoubtedly go above and beyond to attract sales.

4. Landscape Lights Illuminate Your Brand

Outdoor light fixtures don’t just boost security but literally light up your brand as well. It makes your business visible to everyone who’s out at night. Plus, lighting, when installed strategically, draws a sense of a particular emotion, depending on the establishment.

For example, the lights outside of a bar will evoke a sense of daring since they remind people of partying. On the other hand, the lights outside of a five-star hotel will evoke a sense of luxuriousness and safety. They make people think of round-the-clock room service and exquisite food.

5. Landscaped Frontage Makes Your Establishment More Welcoming

Aside from plants and trees, commercial landscaping also involves building driveways and pathways. When people see a well-maintained path to your entryway, they feel more welcomed. On the contrary, if you make them walk on cracked or uneven concrete, they’ll most likely lose interest in your business.

Overall, commercial landscaping creates a warm and inviting environment for your business. It attracts customers and encourages spending without an aggressive display. In other words, they’re subtle, which tends to be more effective when it comes to making a sale.

Maintaining a landscaped garden is another story, though. Your perfect frontage or common areas will only look pristine for a limited period. Hence, if you plan to use commercial landscaping as the primary marketing tool, be committed to maintaining it.