Why Is Your Website Design Turning Customers Away?

When something is valuable, you take care of that. Your customers are valuable to your business, so you do everything to turn them into loyal patrons. You give in to their demands and try to please them at every turn. That’s why the infamous saying “the customer is always right” has never really died. Business owners swear by that code. It’s an unwritten rule in business if you want to succeed.

So why are customers turning away from your website? Why are they having a hard time staying on the site, browsing, and buying even? What is it about your website that makes them bounce the moment they land on it?

The most common reason is that your website is lagging or old, or there’s simply nothing on it. After all, when was the last time you’ve updated your website? However, these are not the only reasons customers leave your site after only spending a few seconds there.

They Cannot Find What They Are Looking For

The number one reason your customers are leaving is that they can’t find what they’re searching for. They went to your website with the sole purpose of learning something—whether it’s about the company or the products/services it offers. When they cannot find what they need, they really don’t have a reason to stay there. For web visitors, it’s a waste of time to continue browsing a website that doesn’t give them anything.



What do customers want to see on a website? Usually, they want to find out the company’s address. That is true. It is not because they’re sending physical mail that they want to find out your company’s PO box. Customers genuinely want to know where a business operates because, for example, they want to make sure you will deliver their orders on time. If a company is on the end of the other coast, then it will take time for their orders to arrive. This way, you won’t waste your and their time.

Even if they purchase from a popular chain store such as Macy’s, many customers still want to know from which warehouse their orders are coming. If it’s from a warehouse on the West Coast, those on the East Coast might rethink purchasing from the site. If the orders are coming from the same coast, that will push them to place the orders, believing that the deliveries will be faster.

Product/Service Descriptions

It’s not just about finding where they could find a business either. Most of the time, companies do not bother putting more details and descriptions about their products. For example, a business that sells mattresses should describe in detail the features of the mattresses—from the size to the materials used. You will be surprised to know that many businesses don’t bother to input such essential details. Suppose the customers have to email the company to ask about a product’s specifications. What is the use of the website anyway?

Return Policy

Customers also want to find out about a store’s return policy. Suppose your customers bought something from the physical store but they wish to exchange or return it. They’ll want to visit your site for information. For lack of understanding of how important a return policy is, many businesses don’t publicize the process of returning and exchanging purchases. Do you think you can ignore what customers want? Do you think that by not putting your return policy on the site, you can persuade them to keep the items anyway? Customers will usually find a way to call your attention—via a long rant on social media. No business wants that.

Order Process

If your website is not an e-commerce site, it’s turning customers away because they won’t know what to do with it. Customers want a convenient way to shop for products and services. If your website cannot provide that convenience, they won’t want anything to do with it. Your website cannot provide information about your business alone. It also needs to be an online shop where customers can place their orders.

Your website design alone is not the reason customers are walking away from your site. More than anything else, if they cannot find what they expect to see on your site, they won’t be returning anytime soon. To rein in your customers, you need to start from the top. You need to attract them with a well-designed website that provides all the information they need. You should design a website that doubles as an online store where they can conveniently transact their orders.