Don’t Leave Them Bare: Effective Ways to Spruce Up Your Walls

Designing your interiors may require you to fill the bareness and the void. You may be practicing minimalism, but you do not have to be strictly absolute about the rule. You still have the liberty to add some accents and interesting designs. This is especially true when it comes to walls. A lot of people who practice minimal design today often leave their walls bare and cold. This is something that you may want to change by adding pieces and aesthetically pleasing layouts. At this point, you may feel challenged by this prospect. Keep in mind that now is the best time to be creative.

Do not be afraid to test what will work or what will not. Being free to do anything at this point will help you find out which will suit your interiors. Regardless, here are some of the pointers that you may want to keep in mind:

Be wild with the wallpaper

Wallpaper may sound like an automatic choice, but who says that it has to be boring. Thankfully, there are many wallpaper designs that you can use for this project. And you can even use the wild ones to showcase your character. Want an Amazon feels for your space, there are wallpaper designs that realistically depict jungles. You can go artsy with abstract patterns that emulate Jackson Pollock’s masterpieces.

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Turn your walls into a gallery

If you are a visual person who loves paintings and photography, why not turn one side of your walls into a gallery. This is where you can hang some of the artworks you have painted or bought. Similarly, you can curate the photographs that you have taken or bought. Simply make sure that they have the right frames designed by a provider of picture framing services in Utah. Add more appeal by lighting them up at night with the help of recessed lighting.

Use your plants

Breathing some life into your space may be one thing that you should consider. Add some plants on your walls to give your room some natural accents. You have the choice to hang some plants or let them grow vertically on your wall. Make sure that you will take care of it properly to avoid pests and insects, though.

Hang a mirror

A classic move will always be favored. In this tip, you may want to add an oversized mirror above the fireplace or a wall table to add some interesting accent. You may add another mirror, too. These mirrors will also reflect light, making your room brighter. The reflection will also make the space look bigger.

In the age of minimalism and bareness in design, it would be nice to have something different. You may want to bend the rules a little by putting up some nice items and layouts to make your barren walls interesting and beautiful. An assortment of design items that are on your wall will certainly add texture and character to your interiors. Dress it up with wallpaper or add an arresting mural — that is your choice. Exercise your creativity until you find what suits your space.