Work From Home: Safety Methods Your Family Should Consider

Local and state authorities have told us to stay at home and practice social distancing. Since we are all locked up safely in our houses with our families, we tend to forget that there are still safety hazards around us.

Based on the 2018 report of the National Safety Council, home-related deaths have increased to 89,3000. Unintentional poisoning and falls are the major contributors to these numbers. Also, a 2018 report by the Statista Research Department showed that burglary is third among the most common types of crime in the USA.

All these unfortunate incidents could have been prevented with proper home safety measures. If you want to ensure a hazard-free and safe home environment, here are some pointers:

Set Ground Rules for the Kids

Starting from a young age, teach your children practical safety tips that they can apply at home and outside. Teach your kids not to open the front door for anyone except members of the household. Also, advise them to trust the little voice that tells them if there is something wrong.

Moreover, you must walk the talk. Practice makes perfect, and the constant role-playing of these safety measures will ensure that your kids apply them should the unexpected happen.

Practice Safety Housekeeping

Keep minor safety hazards at bay helps by practicing safety housekeeping. Safety housekeeping does not need to be elaborate. It simply means you keep your house clean and tidy to prevent minor injuries or a trip to the hospital.

Keep clutter away from stairways and in front of doors, make sure that all cords are neatly bundled, and keep your drawers and cabinets closed. Since small children are inherently curious, you must safely and properly store chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Install Home Security Measures

Potential security threats are also one of the biggest hazards any homeowner should adequately prepare for. It can be any tragic occurrence. Install smart home security features, like surveillance cameras, security and fire alarms, and door locking systems. Having these home security features ensures that your home is safe while you are away.

It is wise to have an emergency action plan. Plan escape routes in case something drastic comes along. When it comes to home keys or passwords, avoid sharing them with other people, especially your neighbors. Furthermore, when you are going away for quite a while, never share such information on social media.

Eliminate Electrical Hazards

Records of the US Fire Administration showed that electrical fires accounted for 6.3 percent of all residential fires, with around 24, 000 fires being reported per year. Furthermore, approximately 30,000 shock incidents are annually reported, with children accounting for 20 percent of these electrical injuries.

Take precautionary measures to make sure that your person and property are safe from any electrical hazards. Have those damaged wires and cords replaced and discard old and faulty appliances.

An overcrowded electrical outlet can cause a fire. Though it is tempting to use extension wires for convenience, check the voltage of your electrical appliance to make sure your outlet can handle the much-needed power.

Keeping Doors Closed and Locked

Do not be too complacent and trusting since you are in a safe neighborhood. Always keep doors closed and locked. Not only will it decrease chances of burglary, but it will also ensure your little kids do not go outside unsupervised.

It is important to make sure to secure the other entryways to your house, including your windows. Make necessary repairs and replacements for faulty locks and knobs, and have your garage door fixed regularly.

Never Leaving Laptops or Devices in the Car

car interior

Most children and adults leave laptops and other valuables in the car. However, such a practice creates opportunities for felons or repeat offenders to strike. You need to understand that even the car’s trunk is not safe. Hence, authorities highly suggest taking your valuables with you when leaving your vehicle. That way, you ensure that your work files are safe as well.

Sensible Use of the Internet

Almost everyone is on social media nowadays. It is not uncommon to see people posting selfies, updates on their daily lives, and even sensitive information on different social media sites. Nonetheless, embracing this trend only makes you an easy victim of phishing or cyber-related crimes. When using social media, use it with caution.

Finally, check what your children access on the Internet. Kids should only be allowed to use their mobile phones during designated hours. And when they use their laptops, they should not be left unsupervised.

Following all these suggestions will enable you to live in complete comfort while you juggle your family life and work at home.