Want to Play Sports Inside? Here’s What You Can Do

When it’s too hot or too cold, usually, it’s too hard to function. Extreme changes in temperature affect our mobility and limit our activities. But despite these challenges, we should not be comfortable in remaining sedentary.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information stresses that having a sedentary lifestyle can adversely impact people’s health. A sedentary lifestyle can cause osteoporosis and increase cancer and diseases related to the muscles and skeleton.

Therefore, people are encouraged to keep moving, whether during summer or winter. The good thing is, several sports can be done all year round. These sports have one common denominator: they are played indoors.


In a place like Alaska, outdoor golf season is considered short. But for golf aficionados, there’s good news. They can play golf all year round. “How is it possible to fit an 18-hole golf course indoors,” you may ask. An enjoyable indoor golf course is the best solution.

Because of technology, experts have invented an indoor golf simulator. This means anyone can play golf in different courses with just a simple click. Because it’s indoor, everybody can play golf whatever season it is. At the same time, it allows people to practice and improve their golf skills in courses with various levels of difficulty.

Sports Climbing

Recently, sports climbing made its debut in the Summer Olympics held in Tokyo. A total of 40 men and women Olympians competed for the gold in the said Olympics. If you wish to compete in the same sport or are just curious to try it out, the moment to start is now.

There’s no excuse. Whatever season it is, anyone can try sports climbing. Climbing does not have to be outdoors. There are a lot of indoor sports climbing gyms scattered around the US. Just like outdoor climbing, indoor sports climbing can help you gain upper body strength.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try bouldering. This type of climbing is done without a rope. Don’t worry; there are safety mats under the boulders in case of accidental slip-ups. Additionally, don’t be afraid to try the sport even if it’s something new; that’s the whole point: to learn and conquer your fears.

Just remember to enjoy it, be thrilled, and be happily satisfied once you reach the top.


When we think of trampolines, we usually think of our backyards. But nowadays, many indoor parks offer trampolines for kids and kids at heart. It’s a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy.

Be warned, though; it can be physically exhausting. This sport will require all parts of your body to move. With all the bouncing, tossing, and turning, you’ll find that trampolining can also be a great cardio workout.

indoor wall climbing


Futsal is usually called by many as indoor football. Futsal originated in Uruguay, and it came from the Spanish phrase “futbol sala”; in English, this is directly translated as room football.

Futsal is different from football, though. A smaller team plays it; two opposing teams are composed of five members each. In addition, the sport uses a heavier ball and is played in a smaller space.

These differences are futsal’s edge over football. Most professional football players even use futsal as means to develop their gameplay. This is because of futsal’s nature; it has proven benefits.

Aside from playing the sport all year round, it can also improve a player’s quick decision-making skills. As the ball in futsal is heavier, it develops a player’s kicking power as well. Because futsal has smaller teams, each player gets the chance to interact with the ball and face the opponent.


Ping-Pong is a trademark name for table tennis; it is a great alternative for outdoor tennis. It uses up a small space, and it can be played indoors. Hence, everybody can play the sport all year.

Experts say that table tennis isn’t only fun; it has a lot of health benefits. It can help a person improve hand and eye coordination. By closely watching the ball bounce from one side of the table to another, concentration is practiced. Your muscle reflex and alertness are also essential in winning the game.

For those with joint and back problems, playing Ping-Pong can be an excellent choice of sport. Playing it does not overstress your joints, but it improves your muscle strength. On top of this, playing Ping-Pong burns a lot of calories. An hour of playing can burn around 272 calories.

There are a lot of sports you can play all year round. Just remember, whenever it’s too cold or too hot, play and do activities indoors. What’s important is to keep moving because, in the end, it will make you happier and healthier.