Guide to Designing a Relaxing Glass Dome in Your Yard

2020 was the year when homeowners realized that our houses are the main thing we should be investing in the most. It’s where we rest and play, but in a time like the COVID-19 crisis, our houses also became the one-stop-shop where everything needed to be done. The pandemic also emphasized the value of outdoor living spaces and why we need to spruce up our yards and porches most of all.

If you want a unique way to set up your outdoor living space, why not consider a glass dome you can set up yourself? This will be especially wonderful if you are a plant parent or an avid gardener because it can also double as a mini greenhouse. Here are some tips about how and where you can start.

Find a glass dome supplier

You might be surprised to know that there are plenty of design companies that now offer a DIY kit for dome igloos. They were specifically designed for homeowners to have a space where they can relax, and it can also double as a backyard office, a meditation or yoga studio, or even a dome for glamping.

Look for suppliers that offer a dome that can fit into your yard and see if it’s something you can build and maintain yourself. Choose ones that claim to withstand all types of weather, as well as eco-friendly, offer UV protection, and can be 100 percent recycled.

glass dome

Incorporate a fitness area beside it

To ensure that your yard can truly provide everything you need—from rest to activity and productivity—incorporate a space where you can do your workout regimen, preferably beside the glass dome. The dome can be your official rest area when you need to catch your breath or drink water, and it can also be a source of motivation because you would be reminded of the rest you deserve after a grueling and fun workout.

Consider hiring a team that specializes in tennis court resurfacing, since sports is one of the best ways to keep fit without being bored. It can also be a basketball court—whatever your family enjoys the most. Creating a balance between rest and physical activity can wire your brain into seeing your home as a place for both.

Add comforting layers and textures

One of the best ways to make any space feel more comfortable is by introducing more layers and textures. Think of it this way: During fall and winter, we bundle up using fuzzy coats and scarves to keep warm. The same principle applies in interior design—if you want your space to look and feel warmer, adding layers and textures is the way. Here are some design elements you need to incorporate, aside from the main pieces of furniture:

  • A carpet or area rug to keep your feet comfortable
  • Plenty of pillows and throws of different shapes and sizes
  • Fluffy blankets to keep you and your loved ones cozy during your stay
  • Candles, but don’t leave them burning unattended
  • Plenty of potted plants, especially ones that grow best in a greenhouse

Consider the heating and cooling

If you leave in an area with extreme weather, then you might want to mind the glass dome’s heating and cooling lest you want the uncomfortable temperature to rob you of your glass dome experience. Here are some heating and cooling pointers to consider, depending on the kind of dome you will be investing in:

  • Ask your supplier how the dome’s ventilation works. Aside from the roof vents, there should be some side vents to help multiply the cooling rate.
  • Explore fan ventilation.
  • During the summer, consider adding an outdoor portable air conditioner that was specifically designed for patios and decks. For colder seasons, a portable heater can also be a great way to keep warm.

Introduce warm-toned string lights

Nothing can make your glass dome more romantic and whimsical than warm-toned string lights. This can help add an atmosphere of warmth to your space, especially during intimate dinners with family and friends, or a romantic dinner with your spouse or significant other. You can add the lights on top of the dome and it will still be visible to you from the inside, making it perfect for a cozy al fresco dinner.

Having a glass dome in your backyard can be a unique and wonderful way to spruce up your outdoor living space. Consider this fun garden trend and create wonderful memories with your family members and loved ones as we wait out the pandemic.