Integration of Art and Design: How to Use Art and Design to Fuel Your Next Marketing Campaign

The world of marketing relies heavily on art and design to make campaigns relevant. It has come to the point where art and design have integrated themselves with marketing and that most people can’t distinguish the two. One can argue that without art and design, marketing would not flourish the same way it did today. If art and design continued its own independent course of mainly entertaining people, marketing wouldn’t have been big as it is today.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you are looking for ways to make your business grow against other businesses out there. You might have read that one of the best ways to do this is to invest in marketing. Those people who did this aren’t wrong. The marketing industry is worth billions of dollars for a reason.

However, you’re missing out on an integral part of marketing. As stated earlier, marketing wouldn’t be where it is without art and design. This is where you should first concentrate your efforts. Here are some art and design principles that you can integrate into your next marketing campaign to make it more successful.


You have seen it everywhere, in billboards, commercials, and even internet ads: big, bold letters in a black backdrop. You might question yourself, ‘that’s it, how does that make any sense?’ There is an easy answer to that. It caters to the minimalistic millennial generation.

Currently, the most dominant spending generation in the US is the millennials. Their spending power is well above the trillion-dollar mark and continues to increase every year. This is why many marketing companies perceive them to be their main target audience. This is why you see minimalist ads everywhere on the road and the streets. The best part about a marketing campaign centered on a minimalist design is that it’s cheap, bold, and creative.

If you want a message to be heard by thousands of people, the minimalist design is for you. A couple of words behind a simple backdrop will let people know what your company wants to say. It leaves a footprint for everyone to remember. But remember that this is a bold statement, and it features nothing more. If you’re looking to reach out to your consumers, this is not the way to do it. But if you’re looking to let people know about your company, this is the best way to do so.


working using a desktop

Advertisements with abstract designs are rare to find simply because they are pretty hard to pull off. But when done correctly, they can be the most vibrant advertisements out there. They can easily captivate your audience’s eyes and appreciate your campaign for what it is. If you’re looking to sell a particular product, use this kind of design for your campaign.

However, digital abstract art suffers from a unique problem that other art forms don’t experience: the lack of storage space and file management. Compared to minimalist ads, there are so many elements to abstract ads that your marketing team might spend so much time managing. Thankfully, there are various platforms out there that can help them out. For example, ServiceNow offers a way to manage all kinds of files. Having this platform work alongside your marketing team can make creating colorful abstract ads a breeze. Furthermore, having this platform can help you organize other files you might have for your marketing campaign or even your online website. Without platforms like this, creating abstract advertisements would have been a nightmare.

If you want to let your audience know about a particular product, the abstract design is for you. It’s riveting, captivating, and creative. It’s something that will surely capture your audience’s eyes and push them to buy that product.


Animation is one of the more modern forms of art and design, but it is used greatly by the marketing industry. Animation is one of the trickiest advertisements to pull off, but your marketing team can do it with modern technology.

We have seen a lot of animations from big companies like Disney and Pixar. But animation is no longer limited to movies nowadays. You might have seen one-minute clips of a company’s mascot promoting a service or a product. This is one of the best forms of artistic design that develops branding. These clips are easily identifiable by consumers that already know the brand. However, some consumers who do not know it could dismiss it. So make sure that you have established your brand before using this kind of design.

These are some art and design ideas being used in the field of marketing. These are bold ideas that always capture the eyes of your target audience in one way or another. So if you’re thinking of a new idea for your next marketing campaign, try one of these ideas in the list.