7 Advantages of Television Advertising

In this era of digitalization, the average daily content consumption of an individual is about six hours and fifty-nine minutes, including all media, out of which three hours and 20 minutes is television consumption of an average American, which makes it a whopping 48% reaching an average of 85% of adults.

With countless media broadcasting worldwide, TV advertising is one of the most fruitful ways to reach out to your target audiences, be it through car or football filming.

Consequently, the per hour meantime for TV  commercials has gone up from nine minutes to nineteen minutes. Undoubtedly, with this kind of influence, TV advertisements can change the game for you.

Even when on-demand streaming or other TV watching alternatives are available, the stature of the commercial break hasn’t changed. Let’s have a look at what TV advertising can do for you:

1. Cost Delivers Trustworthiness

Although TV advertising costs might be higher than other mediums, it accounts for every penny. According to published surveys, over 60 percent of consumers in the US believe they trust what they see on television, making them two out of every three people.

With millennials being the highest percentage making up 22% of the country’s population, it can build trust that can shoot up your market share any day.

2. Focus on Targeted Viewers

According to demographics, only 2% of the homeowners in the United States don’t own a TV. However, on average, every home has at least two, where three out of five households purchase cable packages, while the remaining 30% use a substitute like a satellite.

Additionally, with a proper antenna, people have access to free television. Furthermore, there are no pubs, restaurants, waiting rooms, or local stores that do not have television.

3. Mass Audience

Purchasing TV commercials might help you get your message to those exact customers you might be looking for. Considering that 90% of the youth watch TV about twenty-five hours per week, and people between the ages of 34 to 50 watch it for more than 29 hours a week, and people above 60 years watch 60 hours a week or more.

Brands like Amazon, Trivago & Google have invested about  £682 million in TV campaigns. Therefore, it might be wrong to presume TV is old-fashioned. TV has the unparalleled ability for viewership compared to any other media. This is a wake-up call for online brands that are only investing in other forms of media.

4. Captivating the Audience


The cost for television advertising during a furious match is higher because the audience is enchanted by the screen.

They could be multitasking, but they will stop and pay attention to watch when something relevant to them is aired, which makes television advertising such a powerful medium.

5. Broadcasting Can Be Done in Different Ways

There are manifold ways to broadcast your advertisement. While that solely depends on what you are advertising, TV advertising gives you an edge since you can broadcast a message in more than one way.

Having access to both optical and sound media, you can add any form of effects and sounds to get viewers’ observation. Combining the two makes it simpler for them to recollect the message broadcast.

6. Cord Cutters Consumption

TV advertisers are often concerned about the world going cordless. While that is true, it is also true that most cord-cutting takes place in households where TV is not being watched in the first place.

In contrast to regular TV watchers who spend 25 hours a week watching TV, a total of hundred minutes of streaming TV per week is watched by cord-cutters on their tablets. Therefore, by purchasing an advertising spot, one can still reach their targeted audiences.

7. Creating Brand Personality

Do you remember any striking television advertisements that you’ve seen, be it a jingle from your favorite cereal or maybe the Aflac duck for cancer awareness. Noticeable commercials can always make an impact, and that is great because it gives you the freedom to create your brand image, whatever you want it to be.

Succeeding in doing so might help you convert some customers and make the jingle stick among the viewers creating their marketing. That is the kind of potential TV advertising can do for you.

Final Thoughts

Apart from creating employment opportunities and helping you make the kind of branding you’re looking for, TV advertising is a great source to captivate your viewers as long as you utilize your advertisement the right way.

It is a boon for you to convey your message just the way you want and reach maximum engagement utilizing it to influence the way people perceive you and your business.