Tech Tricks That Can Lessen Your Expenses

How often are you facing mood-wrecking daily problems because of the dysfunctional electronic devices that you have? For example, only one side of your earphones functions, your remote control doesn’t work, or your monitor shows technical difficulties that you wish not to happen, especially when you have had your rough days.

How does it affect your productivity when you’ve had a tough day, and those trivial things happened? Some of you might go straight to bed, taking a rest from a stressful day and waking up in a better mood afterward. But when the emotions are overwhelming, and you fail to hold them back, you might end up smacking your electronic devices. It is a common thing to happen.

The result? It might surprise you. When the force is too high, you might have to say goodbye to your device. But when you hit them with the right force, your device might work just like how it is supposed to be.

Here are some other cheap ways to fix your electronic devices.

Percussive Maintenance

As fancy as it sounds, percussive maintenance isn’t something that only professionals can do. Remember how you hit your electronic devices, and somehow it works? That one is called percussive maintenance. It’s not a stupid way to fix your device because even NASA did that to one of the cameras when it didn’t work in the Apollo 12 mission.

When you hit them with the right force, it will help your device adjusting the jammed gears or misaligned components. But when you’re too angry to give a light hit, you will most likely make your device even worse. This method of fixing electronic devices works better in old devices. Although this doesn’t mean you can apply it to your current device.

But if you prefer to disassemble your device for an accurate result, you can give it a try. For a newbie, make sure to watch some tutorials to guide your way.


YouTube Tutorials

There are a lot of professionals creating YouTube tutorials on how to disassemble and reassemble electronic devices. The most common tutorial you might see in this category is how to disassemble and reassemble your laptop. When you have the time and curiosity about what is wrong with your device, trying to disassemble them might be worth it. Perhaps, it’s quite risky. But when you manage to do it, you will feel proud of yourself.

When you finish disassembling your device, take a closer look to inspect the problems. Look closely at the wires, is there any sign that your device’s wires need to be changed or replaced? If you understand how the wire works and have the tools to assist your way, you can try to fix them. It might look a little advance, but it’s not too complicated. Probably, you will need only an hour to study how to repair a wire.

If your wires are fine, now look at the gears. Make sure nothing slips in their way and jam them. Tighten the loose screws if you see some.

But what if everything looks fine, as if nothing is wrong with your device? The next step is to examine the green board with tiny details that you might not understand its function. It is called the printed circuit board or also known as PCB. When you look closely at your PCB and found some scratches, disarranged, or even burnt, you need the professionals to help you. It is not easy for an amateur to repair the PCB or when you need to replace your old PCB with the new one. You surely can’t do the circuit board fabrication even when you found the tutorial on YouTube, can you? You won’t even know what it is, and that’s when you need to call the professionals to help you!

After your PCB has been repaired or replaced, you can make sure that you will take care of your device. The problem with your PCB might occur because of overheat, dirty environments, etc. As it is something that you can’t solve on your own, it’s better to prevent them from happening.

You often encounter technical difficulties in your daily activities. Some of them happened in your worse days and the others in your not-so-special days. But you have to know that you don’t have to call the technician too often. It is because you can solve some trivial problems by yourself. Still, you need to understand whether you can solve it or it requires professionals to solve your device’s problems. Their advice will prevent you from further mistakes.

So are you ready to practice your new skill?