Real Estate Websites: What Are Some Key Features?

The key to any user and customer experience is by making their “stay” on your business as memorable and pleasant as possible. Most of the time, long-term customers and clients will usually visit your site from time to time if it makes a good impression. But how do you make an excellent impression on different demographics?

Since we live in an age where information can be easily attained in a blink of an eye, business owners must invest in their websites. Web development has been steadily increasing in popularity in the last few years since domain owners are always clamoring for ways of getting organic engagements and views.

But what are some essential features for your site? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Websites and Features

Fortunately, there are many features that you can avail of when it comes to optimizing your site for views. Some essential features include:

External Links

A part of being in real estate is giving people as much help as possible. External links are a great way of showing potential clients and customers that you have a variety of connections that you can tap into if you do need help.

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Image Galleries

When you’re selling homes, your customers must already have some idea of what the house will look like even before driving towards the location.

There are real estate agencies that incorporate commercial drones to take in-depth photos of the location. While traditional camera work and photography do work in this situation, it doesn’t necessarily have the same flexibility and wide range of angles that drones have.


What’s a great way of continually funneling in traffic towards your site? Blog posts can help reel in a steady stream of views and organic clicks to your domain. Typically, most blog posts will contain problems since this is what people usually use search engines for.

In some cases, business partners will often reach out to individuals who own blog posts by having them sponsor their products or services. Having such external links is also known for helping generate revenue.


When most customers are availing for products are services, they will usually do some background check on what your business can do for them. Testimonials are a great way of dispelling any doubts that individuals might have on your location.

Advanced Search


Finally, having an advanced search option is integral in letting your customers and potential clients easily navigate your site. If your real estate agency is located across different parts of the country, having an advanced search tool can give quick and accurate results, especially when it comes to addresses. The complexity of these search engines can vary, with most incorporating advanced and straightforward algorithms. Ultimately, this will depend on the needs of your customer.

There’s a ton of different features that you can incorporate into your website. You shouldn’t limit yourself to these features. A part of having a captivating site is going against the flow of “conventional” and trusting your instincts. Who knows? You might invent some ingenious features that will bring in thousands of potential clients.