Modern Artists: How Creatives Can Use Technology to Promote Their Art

To become a successful artist, one must have various connections with fellow artists, galleries, and journalists. Today, young artists begin to gain popularity through social media, video platforms, and websites.

Technology has become a huge influence in society. Although many artists stick to traditional art, some of them are shifting to technology to promote their artwork and boost sales.

In a survey, 50 percent of the artists who participated believe that the Internet has increased engagement. Further, it has made the art audience more diverse and created a public platform where artists can share their work.

Here are ways technology helps artists today:

Social Media

This has come a long way since it started about a decade ago. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok have provided a platform for artists to share their work. Some artists today sell their artwork on Facebook, while others show how they create their masterpieces through videos on YouTube. Other artists upload their tutorial videos to help other artists.

If we wanted to view an artist’s work before, we had to visit a gallery or museum. Today, we can view an artist’s work through their social media accounts.

Since museums and galleries were closed during the pandemic, artists turned to social media to promote and sell their work. Apart from reaching a wider audience, they were able to earn a living despite the adversities.


Having a website is a good way to feature and sell artwork. Artists can have a website designed to reach a wider audience locally and internationally. The good thing about having a website is that you can make it personalized, depending on your taste and art style.

Technology gave rise to the Internet and websites that can reach millions of viewers. Once a website is designed and built, artists can upload their work, post blogs or articles, and even sell their artwork. Besides that, they can post contact details for easier transaction with clients.

Video Tutorials

Aside from social media and websites, artists can post their online video tutorials through YouTube, a video-sharing platform. This platform also pays the user if the video gains a lot of views.

Art tutorials will help the artist earn by sharing their talent. These can also help aspiring artists who want to learn. Many artists are using this platform to gain more followers and reach potential art collectors.

Online Selling Platforms

In the past, online selling platforms featured common products such as household items, beauty products, food, among others. Today, the platforms feature a wide range of goods, including artwork from various artists. With the help of courier services, artwork can be sent to other countries, reaching more potential buyers.

woman working


You can also publish an e-book about your art style and technique. You can use your knowledge to publish free e-books tackling various topics for art enthusiasts. Aside from helping others, it can be a great marketing strategy. To reach more followers, you can include your website, social media account, and contact information on the e-book.

Online Forums

Joining online forums on art is a good way to connect with other artists. Join and participate in online forums to promote your craft. At the same time, building connections in the art world will open a lot of opportunities for you in the future. Connecting with other artists can also help you gain motivation to continue your venture as an artist.

Online Portfolio

Create an online portfolio that features your artwork and other achievements. It is like a curriculum vitae, but it contains all the photos of your artwork.

Making an online portfolio is easier since many websites offer this feature. You can search for online portfolio makers for easier uploading. When talking with potential buyers, you can show them your portfolio to establish your credibility as an artist.

An online portfolio can also become your ticket to applying as an artist to various companies and galleries. When applying for an art scholarship, having this platform can make it easier for the organization to gauge your credibility and qualifications.

Thanks to technology, artists can showcase their talent and masterpieces for the world to see. Apart from imparting their knowledge on the craft, they can also reach a larger market for selling their works of art.

The online world has made it easier for not only artists but also other professionals to market themselves in their fields. Finding a platform can open doors for new opportunities.