Long Story Short: Potential Career Paths for Budding Writers

Writing is not just a hobby or a pastime; it’s a way of life. The people who believe that communication is better done through writing can often manipulate letters to give them life and meaning — these people are natural-born writers.

Writers wield their pens like a sword and their words like a shield. With only their minds as sources of knowledge and the existing writings from all over the world as their foundation, the only limitation that writers will face is their imagination.

To become a great writer, you will need to find a niche you want to excel in. Good writers are versatile and flexible, but it takes a depth of understanding in one field to truly become a great writer. See what career paths lie in your wake as you find your niche in the writing industry.

Published Author

If you like spending your time world-building and reading literature, becoming a published author might be your destiny. By choosing this field of profession, you’re allowing yourself to devote your time and efforts to your craft.

Partnering with a publishing company is not the only way you can secure a place on top of the bestselling list because there is always the option of self-publishing your works. Whether fiction or non-fiction, books are already hard to do on their own and worrying about how your books can reach your audience shouldn’t be a hassle.

If you choose to do the latter option, then you’ll have more freedom to be an author and tell the world your story without sacrificing anything for the sake of meeting the standards of traditional publishers. You will be free to explore whatever genre you please and do so at your own pace.

person working


If you love sharing your own experiences with other people, then becoming a blogger might be your destiny. You will have so many genres to choose from, like food, beauty, fashion and clothing, travel and adventure, music, art, or basically anything under the sun that you want to write about.

Being a blogger by profession might not be as rewarding as you think if you want it to be profitable quick, but it can be a worthwhile endeavor even if it takes some time. A successful blogger has an established audience and can utilize their connections to create profitable posts.

When you’ve chosen a writing niche where you develop your skills, it can be easier to narrow down your potential partnerships and income sources. Blogging takes time, especially because you’re dependent on your writing and marketing skills alone, but it can be gratifying once the income stream starts flowing.

Content Writer

If you have a knack for marketing and business, becoming a professional content writer might be your destiny. But of course, you’ll know as a self-proclaimed marketer that the word destiny used here is just a selling point.

Content writing is not as easy as it looks, primarily because everything you see can count as content. Plus, creating content that is engaging, original, and attractive to your potential audience is a lot harder than they sound because there are plenty of writers around the globe writing about the same topics.

To be a great content writer, you’ll need to be a master of different writing styles, know how to communicate with your audience, and have a definite grasp on your goals when writing. It’s not enough for you to have writing prowess; you will need a bigger skillset to excel in this field.


If you plan to excel in the entertainment industry, then becoming a screenwriter might be your destiny. You can be working with the greatest names in Hollywood, receiving awards in the Golden Globes, or attending film festivals in Cannes once you become an established screenwriter.

Film and television. These are two fields that you can excel in as you make your mark in history as a screenwriter. You’ll be developing screenplays and scripts or working with directors and co-screenwriters daily.

To begin your journey as a screenwriter, you can enter various mentorship programs developed specifically for aspiring writers. Through such avenues, you will have a better foothold in the industry and potentially meet or establish connections that can jump-start your career as a screenwriter.

The most important thing about becoming a writer is that you never stop writing despite all hurdles and obstacles. Stagnancy is a writer’s nemesis because writing is a skill that requires constant practicing. Otherwise, you’ll become rusty and out of touch with your creativity.