How to Become an Interior Designer

Becoming an interior designer may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how to get you started on your journey.

1. Get a CSCS card.

If you want to work in the construction industry, then having a CSCS card is essential. The card proves you have the training and skills necessary to work safely on a construction site. Until recently, only construction workers could apply for a CSCS card. However, the eligibility requirements have been expanded to include interior designers. 

This is good news for interior designers who want to work on construction sites, as it allows them to expand their career options. To apply for a CSCS card, interior designers must first take a CITB test. Once they have passed the exam, they can apply for a CSCS card like any other construction worker.

2. Take some classes or complete a program.

Interior design is a creative field, so you’ll need some artistic ability. Even if you’re not the most artistically inclined person, taking some art and design classes will give you a good foundation to help you build your career.

Also, one of the best ways to prepare for a career in interior design is to complete a degree or certificate program. These programs will introduce you to design basics, including color theory, furniture selection, and layout principles. In addition, they’ll teach you about building code requirements and other important considerations when designing spaces.

There are two main types of programs you can choose from, traditional college programs and online programs. Traditional programs typically take two to four years to complete. In contrast, online programs can be completed in as little as six months.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision. For example, traditional college programs may offer more hands-on learning opportunities, while online programs may be more flexible and affordable.

A man studying with a computer in a design class

3. Get some experience.

Try to get as much experience as possible because this will give you a feel for what it’s like to be an interior designer. It will also help you decide if it’s the right career for you.

An internship is a great way for an interior designer to get some experience. It allows you to work with experienced professionals and learn the ropes. Many internships are unpaid, but they are worth it if you can find one that is a good fit for you. You can search for internships on websites like or Craigslist.

Another way to get experience is to look for entry-level jobs. These jobs may not be as glamorous as what you see on HGTV, but they will give you a chance to learn and grow as a designer. Start by searching online or in your local classifieds for entry-level interior design jobs in your area.

Finally, if you don’t mind working independently, you can also look for freelance work. This can be a great way to start because you can set your own hours and rates. Additionally, this allows you to build up a portfolio of work that you can show to potential clients or employers. You can search for freelance gigs on websites like Upwork or Fiverr.

4. Stay up to date with trends.

As an interior designer, it is important to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant and provide your clients with the most up-to-date designs.

One way to stay current with trends is by following some of the top design blogs. By subscribing to newsletters or RSS feeds, you can have the latest posts delivered right to your inbox so that you can stay on top of the latest trends. Some popular design blogs include Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, and Freshome.

Another great way to stay current with interior design trends is by subscribing to popular design magazines, such as ELLE Decor, House Beautiful, and Architectural Digest. Not only will you read about the latest trends in these magazines, but you’ll also be able to see pictures of stunning rooms designed using these trends. If you don’t have time to read an entire magazine, then simply flip through it and look at the pictures for inspiration.

Lastly, another great way for designers to stay current with trends is by attending trade shows. These shows bring together manufacturers and designers from all over the world and allow them to show off their latest products and designs. If you’re unable to attend a trade show in person, then many of them also offer live streams or recordings of their events that you can watch at your convenience.

If you’re interested in becoming an interior designer, follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to success! With a little hard work and dedication, you can become an interior designer and find success in this creative field!