Hosting Personal Events During the Pandemic

The world celebration doesn’t come hand-in-hand with the coronavirus pandemic that claimed the lives of 1.23 million individuals around the world. The said pandemic gave rise to lockdowns that prevented people from going out, from interacting with each other, and from working nine to five jobs.

However, even with the pandemic turning the tide on how we go on about our daily lives, there’s still plenty of things that can’t be helped.

We still celebrate things. From childbirth to weddings, people still find ways to share the joy of these life milestones with the people they care about.

How do people host personal events during a pandemic?

As stay-at-home measures are getting more lenient in different cities around the world, people are learning how to live with COVID-19. While there is no cure for the disease the virus brings, the only choice we have is to follow health measures that can help us avoid catching and subsequently spreading the virus.

One thing the virus failed to take away from our lives is our love for celebrating achievements of all sizes. We celebrate childbirth, graduations, weddings, birthdays, and other life events. Although we can’t celebrate the way we used to—with huge all-night-long parties with hundreds of guests—with our innovative nature, we still make celebrating these events fun and exciting. This is influenced by the part of our minds that think these life milestones only happen once—or more for some—in our lives.

To give you an idea of how we are still celebrating personal events, here are two examples:

1. Virtual parties over the internet

Video conferencing applications became man’s best buddy when the pandemic brought about waves of movement restrictions around the world. We were forced to stay inside our homes and these applications saved us from solitary confinement.

These video conferencing platforms can host a meeting room of up to more than fifty people—depending on the application you are using. It is commonly used as a tool for holding meetings, hence, meeting room—but there are no restrictions as to what those “meetings” are for.

You can use the meeting rooms to gather your loved ones and have a virtual event with them! You can play music, videos, games, and others that you can enjoy with them. All while following health measures imposed by authorities.

There are couples who decided to tie the knot during the pandemic and shared the dreamy event through live streaming.


2. Hosting small scale indoor and outdoor events

We’ve said before that measures against COVID-19 are starting to become more lenient. With that, gatherings with a limited number of people maintaining social distancing are possible. If you want to experience the way we celebrate before the pandemic changed everything for us, you can still opt for traditional events. You can still prepare good food, drinks, and lively music from your home’s audio system.

However, you may be a little troubled about whom to invite because you’ll only have limited space. There are still health protocols to be followed and not everyone you invite is willing to go out even if they’re allowed to do so.

Choose to invite immediate family and your close friends who live near where you’ll be celebrating. Therefore, it will be easy for them to show up without putting themselves at too much risk by traveling long distances.

Are these the only ways?

For now, they are the only ways we can celebrate. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything about our lives and it can’t be said enough. Every day, people are finding new ways to do things because they are prevented from doing so in the usual way.

Changes aren’t all that bad. The pandemic may have locked us inside our homes with little chances to communicate with other people, but it has also made us realize how sharing happiness—virtually or physically—is one of our ingrained human desires.

Is it all that bad?

We like letting people know we’re happy and would like them to feel the same. What the pandemic did well for us? It highlighted how much we rely on our connection with other people. We found ways to be able to interact with them and to let them know we’re thinking about them.

Until there is an effective solution to the virus, we’ll have to come up with more ways to be able to bring joy to the people we care about—especially during tough times such as the one we have right now.