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We aim to support different kinds of creativity: producing ideas, concepts and implementations based on software and aimed to tackle various kinds of tasks and problems. Everyone who has contributed to and taken part in Openchallenge is worth a special mention. However, to make this challenge a challenge, there needs to be some winners. Let us introduce the recipients of the Openchallenge award and prize.

ThinkGeek sponsors the prizes. They are cool people and sell great stuff, visit them! 

  • 3 | 2002

    The award-winners of the Openchallenge 3 | 2002: RabbIT proxy for the Implementations category and Learning email classifier for the concepts -category. Congratulations! Further details will be posted on this site in near future.

  • 2 | 2002 DVD Artist / title programmer for Pioneer DVF07 (727) by Jason Hihn

    Awarded Oct 14 2002:
    The Pioneer DVF07 has a PS2 port for programming Artist/Album names. This program hooks into the computer interface port of the device, scans the disks, gets the data from the internet ( and programs the player for you. Although the program was written for win32 (c++) only the GUI is not portable. The program is licensed under GPL.

    Our decision to select Jason Hihn's DVD title programmer was based on these considerations: 1) This program uses a practical approach to make a task quicker and simpler 2) there does not seem to be an affordable commercial solution to do the same 3) this program could be used as a starting point for creating a more generic solution: for example Jason stated that: "There is an 'S-Link' protocol that Sony uses. It should be easy to be able to switch to that, so it could support Sony and Pioneer players. The program is written with cross-platform capability in mind. So even though it's a Windows program, any Linux coder can pick it up and in 10 minutes be talking to their device. It'll take a little more time to put a graphical user interface on it if one is wanted." In short, we wanted to channel attention to this project and maybe contribute to the launching of a generic open source DVD player programmer project. Congratulations Jason!

    Project home is at

    Garmin eTrex Venture Jason won a Garmin eTrex Venture GPS
    "The eTrex Venture offers a worldwide database of cities to help you find your way. It also features increased internal memory of one megabyte, which allows the eTrex Venture to accept downloaded information from GARMIN's new MapSource Points of Interests CD-ROM."

  • 1 | 2002 OpenVPN by James Yonan <jim at>

    Awarded Jul 07 2002:
    OpenVPN is a robust and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Private Network) daemon which can be used to securely link two or more private networks using an encrypted tunnel over the internet. OpenVPN is licensed under GPL.

    Firstly, this a historical moment as this is the first Openchallenge award. OpenVPN is - to our knowledge - the first open source VPN product to fully support the OpenSSL PKI infrastructure. In general, it meets high standards, and is an important continuation to what has been done in the OpenSSH project. We do need commercial VPN products, but we also need competing and complimentary open source options for them for reasons you know. Congratulations James!

    Project homepage, documentation and downloads are at

    James won a Luminglass (item removed from ThinkGeek product-range):
    Luminglass Crafted from fine quality glass, Luminglass transforms electric current into a spectacular array of light so unique, it was seen in the film Star Trek "First Contact". Just plug it in, and watch as lighting mysteriously dances inside a disk of glass that's less than a half-inch thick! You control the size and shape of the light with its easy-to-use controls. Create everything from a delicate tapestry of spider webs, to a powerful lightning storm! Luminglas also features a sound-responsive control which, when used with your voice or music, creates a pulsating rhythm of light that will dazzle the senses. AC Adaptor Included. ", 2002 Feedback