Openchallenge 2|2003. Time to deadline: 68 days 22 hrs 52 mins

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Spread the word. We need the critical mass to turn Openchallenge to a magic box, which materializes all the ideas and concepts submitted to it (or atleast a close equivalent to the magic box :). Here's some ideas how you can help - in addition to submitting a concept or implementation. Finally, do it elegantly, do not spam.

  1. Submit a story about us to your favorite magazine: electronic or public. Feel free to copy any text from this site.

  2. Link to us: :: materialize your creativity! <a href=""><img src="" alt=" :: materialize your creativity!" width="114" height="50" border="0" hspace="8" vspace="8"></a>

  3. Put us in your .signature:
    Release your idle brain cycles at

  4. If you could contribute some time or would like to suggest anything else, drop us a line.

  5. Finally, don't send us money :)

So, what are you getting in return? Karma, good mood. Maybe a mention on this site if you do an amazing media stunt., 2002 Feedback