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openchallenge rules

The rules for taking part in the contest are simple and try to make it possible for everyone to participate. However, pay attention to your local legislation on for example export of cryptography, reverse-engineering, copyright and other related matters.

The deadline for OpenChallenge 2 | 2003 is June 30th, 2003.
There is 68 days 22 hrs 52 mins left to deadline.

The Open Source Definition (OSD) at Entries are published under open source and documentation licenses
You can participate in the contest only if you understand and agree that the material you post as contest entry will be published under an open source or documentation license. Any OSI Certified Open Source License can be used, these include well known licenses such as: GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT and a couple of dozen others.

You can participate by
Responding and implementing a challenge listed on this site, or by a free-form open entry, which can be an implementation or a concept or idea. Your contest entry can be small piece of code for a specific purpose, application, system, protocol, procedure, device or architecture, an implementation of something to a new platform, an implementation of something previously only commercially available under open source terms. The value should be in the software created or to be created and not for example on "maintaining a service".

Your entry does not originally have to be tailored for this challenge.

If you participate by responding to a challenge listed on this site, please remember to mention the submitter of the challenge idea in your CREDITS and/or LICENSE file.

You are responsible for the content that you post
Please make sure that you have the right to publish it and that you are the copyright owner or otherwise have the permission to publish it. We will manually go through every submission before enlisting it as candidate and publishing it on site but the responsibility is yours.

The winner(s) is(are) selected by the the Jury Board
The winners of the OpenChallenge are selected by the Jury Board. The results are announced within 14 days after closing of each challenge.

By default, there are two prizes per one 3-monthly challenge. One for the ideas and concept category and one for the implementations category. However every now and then there might be a good reason to give out three or four awards. The prizes are sponsored by As we want you to come back for a challenge again, we try to pick something extremely cool, nice and nerdy as the prizes. The prizes are kept secret until the winners are announced.

Summasummarum: you have common sense, use it! If something was left unsaid, or was unclear, just ask us., 2002 Feedback