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  • Jan 16 2003 Sorry for the one day delay, for which we will blame finnish weather :) The award-winners of the Openchallenge 3 | 2002: RabbIT proxy for the Implementations category and Learning email classifier for the concepts -category. Congratulations! Details about the prizes will be announced in near future.

  • Jan 1 2003 Openchallenge 3 | 2002 - challenge closed
    Happy new year! The winners of Openchallenge 3 | 2002 will be announced by January 15, 2003. Now, rush to take part in the first challenge of 2003!

  • Nov 22 2002 Openchallenge launched today a program to channel Open Source Development Energy to help the nonprofit community. Browse here for details.

  • Nov 19 2002 Openchallenge introduction aimed for non-profit organizations (bridging the digital divide), is downloadable here. Feel free to distribute it. [pdf 60K]

  • Nov 18 2002 Linux driver for the Synaptics cPad - challenge completed!

  • Oct 30 2002 Rohan Amin joins the crew. In addition to working as jury member, he will be mainly responsible for building and maintaining relationships with non-profit organizations.

  • Oct 29 2002 Openchallenge is covered in the 'Today's featured article' at Those involved in education might find it interesting to follow the discussion the article starts. The project is backed up by for example RedHat.

  • Oct 25 2002 It might be worth noting, that the old war horse used as the webserver coped well through the slashdot effect. Openchallenge was linked from this article about "Donating Time To Goodwill Projects?". Thanks again to RSLCom Tampere for sponsoring us with the bandwidth! Update Oct 29 2002: Here is an analysis of the Slashdot effect.

  • Oct 14 2002 Jason Hihn wins the Openchallenge 2 | 2002 prize with DVD Artist / title programmer for Pioneer DVF07 (727).

  • Oct 03 2002 Thanks to your active feedback, there is now two categories for contest entries: one for ideas & concepts and one for implementations. This means that beginning from openchallenge 3 | 2002, there will be two winners instead of one. Also, the site layout was updated and it is now fully XHTML 1.0 compliant.

  • Oct 01 2002 Openchallenge 2 | 2002 was closed. The winner will be announced latest on October 15th. So, now you have more than 90 fresh new days to take part in the Openchallenge 3 | 2002! :)

  • Aug 04 2002 the site is officially published to the international media (see,,, NewsForge). Feel free to submit the press release (as PDF or as plaintext) to your favorite magazine.

  • Jul 29 2002 is officially published to the finnish media. (visit and

  • Jul 07 2002 James Yonan wins the first openchallenge with OpenVPN

  • Jul 07 2002 is born

  • April 1 2002 the predecessor for is born
    The Real McCoy challenge was started at to test public interest in a project like this. The interest seemed to be there, things started cooking in favor of, 2002 Feedback