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Here are some resources aimed to provide background information for those considering utilizing Openchallenge. It tries to provide something for everyone. We try to keep this list minimal - but in case you believe something essential is missing, send your link suggestion to feedback at openchallenge dot org.


  • Open Code and Creativity in the Digital Age "As a model for knowledge production, open source provides powerful proof of the creative potential of networks for collaboration. Open source systems and applications co-exist with closed proprietary ones, sometimes out-performing them technically, but also bring users into a closer and more transparent relationship to information technology design."

  • Creativity, Flow, and Joy in Programming by Tim O'Reilly

  • Open Source Initiative OSI. a non-profit corporation dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source Definition for the good of the community, specifically through the OSI Certified Open Source Software certification mark and program.

  • Offers various free services for open source developers such as: hosting, releasing your software, version control, shell services and a compile farm. At the time of writing this, they host nearly 50 000 open source projects.

  • NOSI The Nonprofit Open Source Initiative (NOSI) was begun in June 2001 to bridge this gap between the nonprofit and open source communities

  • Creative Commons promotes the innovative reuse of all sorts of intellectual works.

For companies

  • A Business Case Study of Open Source Software. This paper analyzes the business case of open source software. It is intended to help Program Managers evaluate whether open source software and development methodologies are applicable to their technology programs.


  • Open Source Education Foundation The Open Source Education Foundation exists to enhance K-12 educational opportunities through the use of technologies and concepts derived from the Open Source and Free Software movement. Research and development of hardware and software solutions for use in educational settings is the organization's primary focus.

  • Open Source Schools Articles, features and discussion on open source and schools.

  • School Forge Schoolforge is a foundry. It is where you will find the information, the tools and materials you need to "forge" or make a school and all its parts. All free for the asking (or download), and, in the future, international in content and character, schoolforge is not a place or an organization, but a cause, and a collection of people and projects dedicated to it: bringing quality, affordable and dependable software and teaching materials to the people who need them around the world

Open Source and the digital divide

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