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"I congratulate you with the practical and inspiring approach taken by Openchallenge. It is interesting that this scheme both stimulates the release of open source software and is also operated by people within the open source community itself. Perhaps such a "challenge posting" scheme is also of interest for public authorities to promote open source development."

-- Erkki Liikanen European Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society

openchallenge :: materialize your creativity

The Open Source Definition (OSD) at

Openchallenge is a catalyst for materializing creativity and for channeling open source potential into tackling real world problems.

-> release your ( idea || concept || code || need || design )

By delivering quarterly awards to two selected contributors we wish to encourage individuals, organisations and companies into publishing and materializing the results of their creativity under an open source license and spirit.


You can participate in the openchallenge by releasing the results of your brain activity under open source: think, do or do both.

Ideas and concepts

Do you have an idea or concept which you would like to transfer from your head into code? Or maybe you are in need of some software - like a device driver for your favorite device and operating system. Publish your idea or need here for open source developers. Someone out there might implement it and publish the results under an open source license - to your and everyone else's benefit. Here is a list of current ideas - implement one if you are in need of project :)


Are you in need of a coding challenge that solves a real-world need? Implement one the submitted ideas/concepts. Or do you have a piece of code hanging in the corner of your hard drive which you programmed for your own purposes? Release it here, someone else might benefit from utilizing it as well. The chances are that your solution gets utilized and further developed.

You can participate in the openchallenge by an open entry or by implementing one of the ideas/concepts submitted.

Tri-monthly awards

Quarterly, the best idea/concept and implementation are awarded with honors and a prize (a cool gadget, a nerd toy or something else of geeky flavor). A press release about the winners is sent to selected news sources. Here are the winners of previous challenges.

Openchallenge 1, challenge closed

The Challenge was closed on 31st March. The award-winner(s) will be nominated latest on 28th April.

Openchallenge 2, April - June

Challenge ongoing. Take part: submit your entry using this form for the "implementations category" and using this form for the "ideas and concepts" category. Submit your entry at the latest on June 30th. Feedback