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openchallenge 3|2002: rules | submit entry | challenges | candidates candidates for openchallenge 2/2002

Here is the list of candidates taking part in the openchallenge 2/2002. Entries for this challenge are to be submitted latest on September 30th, 2002.

List of candidates (in chronological order)

  • DVDF07 - DVD Player Artist/Title Programmer [GPL]
    Posted Aug 05 2002 by Jason Hihn

    DVF07 is a Pioneer Elite 300 Disc DVD Changer. It has a PS2 keyboard port for programming Artist/Album names. Suffice to say, programming your existing collection is very much out of the question. This program hooks into the computer interface port, scans the disks, and gets CD info off the internet and programs the player for you. Just select what disc or range of disks and go!


  • Hardrock 0.6.2 [BSD License]
    Posted Aug 04 2002 by Matthew Graybosch

    hardrock is a quick 'n dirty perl script that guides the user through ripping a cd and encoding digital audio using Ogg Vorbis. Written for FreeBSD it requires the apps dagrab and oggenc, and it really helps if you have either ogg123 or XMMS so that you can play your oggs after your make them.

    The code has few comments but should be self-explanatory due to names used for variables and function names. there is no manual or help file as hardrock obtains the data it needs by asking questions.

    I wrote hardrock because I found GRIP (the only other app that worked as a front-end to a cd ripper and oggenc) was too clunky for my taste and didn't tag oggs exactly the way I wanted. If you want it done your way, do it yourself and do it with hardrock.

    Downloads: hardrock.dat


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