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about openchallenge

Openchallenge was founded by Jussi Kallioniemi [private site] in July 2002. It is an open union of people, organizations, companies and their interests. Openchallenge is and tries to be as free as possible from any bonds to any specific interest group.

The idea for this was born one night, when I started thinking about all the ideas, concepts and pieces of code that I have seen just disappear somewhere. Some of the ideas could have actually been useful, beneficial or atleast fun for someone else too - even though they were created on spare time. Don't even think how much creativity is lost every second on global scale. So, with openchallenge we wanted to create a greenhouse for ideas and programs like this. Maybe someone else could implement your idea? Maybe someone could utilize your code? Maybe you could implement and make someones idea fly?

Openchallenge 'magic circle' :: input ideas, output open source.

We believe that openchallenge works as a catalyst for creativity and as a motivation for publishing the results of creativity. We hope that non-profit, goodwill and educational organisations utilize it in their work. We also hope that corporations accept it into their toolbox. Especially, we would like to see you as an individual using openchallenge when you get an idea which you want to materialize or are looking for an interesting project to work on.

A fairy tale

Meet John- the Coder, Samantha the Professor and Dan the CTO of an large IT company. Finally, meet Andrč Anonymous.

John loves coding. He codes at work, and codes at home, he even codes while sleeping. Yesterday, he just finished his hobby-project which automatically monitors selected TV programs and sends tailored data about related sites to his mobile PDA. He thinks it's cool, and sends it to openchallenge. As he now has nothing to do, he scans openchallenge for ideas on what to do next.

Samantha is a Professor of computer science. She wants to make it a bit more interesting for the students, and selects a task from openchallenge for them to do as their course project.

Dan the CTO then, has a problem, he knows that they have made a great device and that there would be many Linux users willing to buy it - just if it was possible to make this device communicate with Linux. He publishes the specifications of the device at and places a challenge on coding Linux drivers for it.

John codes the drivers, initiates discussions with Dan, and gets a Job as chief architect for a new product at Dan's company. Dan's company finalises the drivers, and provides commercial support for them.

Andrč just thumbles into the site through Google, while looking for something which he could use to get some background info on his favorite TV show. "Thanks, John!". What happened to Samantha's students? They won the 3-monthly prize and got in contact with their future employer.

And finally, this is how Dilbert Mission Statement Generator put it:

It is our job to collaboratively restore low-risk high-yield opportunities and synergistically administrate prospective catalysts for change in order to solve business problems. :))., 2002 Feedback